Career Opportunities

Car Buying Specialist

Join the team by redeeming the car buying experience. Empower our ministry partners and their friends/family in finding quality vehicles, through relationships, by providing an alternative to the typical used car buying process. MATS is the easiest way for people to buy the right car.

Where and how you can work:

You will join a team that laughs a lot, collaborates daily, and deeply cares about giving people a joyful car buying experience! Work is 75% remote. The other 25% consists of gathering on Tuesdays at our service facility in Richmond, IN and attending quarterly team retreats to collaborate on the business.

What you would be doing in this role:

  • Generate leads through your personal network of friends, neighbors, family, church, etc. You are also eligible to receive leads generated through our website. 
  • Educate and help clients navigate the car buying process using the Challenger sale model.
  • Communicate well and build relational capital with clients in order to determine their vehicle needs.
  • Must be willing to pick up the phone and call your clients. This builds trust and is the best form of communication in our industry.
  • Must be able to thrive in an autonomous setting.
  • Work collaboratively with our Director of Purchasing to find a MATS quality vehicle that serves both the company and the client.
  • Work with our Director of Client Success to have vehicles delivered to your client.
  • Work with our Director of Communications to continue the client relationship with care post-sale.
  • Adhere to all standard operating procedures.

Payplan and Benefits:

  • Base salary provided for first 6 months 
  • Competitive, scaled sales commission program
  • Experienced sales reps can make 100K+
  • Other commission bonuses available
  • Cell phone compensation and built in PTO


Join the driving team and help redeem the car buying experience. MATS is the easiest way for people to buy the right car. Join a team of people committed to helping folks in ministry, as well as their friends and family, experience the joy of car buying. You will travel across U.S., representing MATS, delivering cars to our clients.

Where and how you can work:

You will work directly for our Director of Client Success, who sets up all trips and have the support of our Director of Reconditioning. You will have the option to sign up for trips all over the U.S. Must be flexible, friendly, and willing to work with other drivers, as well as be comfortable navigating various modes of transportation (uber, airplane, amtrak, rentals, etc..). 

What you would be doing in this role:

  • Book hotels, flights, etc when asked.
  • Pick up vehicles at auctions, dealerships, etc…
  • Perform a post sale inspection on auction vehicles
  • Deliver vehicles to our clients in quality condition
  • Keep track of client paperwork and payments
  • Be the “face” of, as often drivers are the only in-person interaction a client experiences during the process
  • Must be able to thrive in an autonomous setting
  • Must adhere to all standard operating procedures

Pay Plan and benefits:

  • Work hours fluctuate
  • A 20 hour/week driver can make up to 25K. However, drivers can opt to work as little as 5 hours/week
  • Pay plan is based on a combination of miles driven, and stops made.
  • Meal compensation when driving 400+ miles