Our History

We’ve been at this awhile

We have history

Get to know us a little better

In 1964, Fred Nottingham founded The Nottingham Group (TNG) in Richmond, IN, first operating as a Ford dealership. His son Mike took over full-time operations of the dealership in the late 1970s, adding a Chrysler and Chevrolet dealership to the company’s operations over his tenure leading the company until 2007.  

MATS was born

During the 1990s, TNG began focusing more and more on clients in full-time ministry all around the country. As a part of this new focus, MATS (Ministry Transportation Solutions) was born. 

Since then, MATS has assisted thousands of organizations and individuals in finding transportation, including:

  • Mission organizations and staff
  • Churches and staff
  • Para-church ministries and staff
  • Humanitarian organizations and staff
  • Schools, Counselors, and Teachers
  • Colleges & Universities and their staff
  • Missionaries


MATS takes shape



The years 2006-2008 brought an unprecedented era of change for MATS as two of Mike’s sons, Josh and Mark, transitioned into operating the company, focusing primarily on ministry clients.  MATS sold the 3 franchise dealerships and instituted a custom search model, providing people with the “easiest way to buy the right car”. MATS car buying specialists lend expertise to clients, helping them search for the car that best meets their needs.

Additionally, in 2011, MATS purchased a large reconditioning center in Richmond to serve as the base of the company’s operations.

Our reach expands


At the beginning of 2017, after receiving more and more requests to help “friends and family” of those in ministry, we officially “opened” our services to friends, family, and supporters of ministry. Our focus is still largely on full-time ministry clients, who make up 75% of our client base today. But as more and more people learn how broken the car industry is, we are grateful to expand our reach.

Over the last 20 years, MATS staff have become a walking database of car knowledge as each customer requires a unique search.  If you’re going to listen to customer needs and match them with the best car possible, you need to have a knowledgeable team. We search through thousands of cars per month and reject 90% of what we find because the cost/condition comparison doesn’t add up.

Redefining the car industry

As far as we know, there isn’t a dealer or broker doing exactly what we do.  The service we’ve committed to providing is unique and opposes traditional car dealerships’ agenda. Our team of specialists are highly trained on car buying strategy, have over 300 years of combined experience in the car business and are great at helping customers steward their money well. 

We are committed to our goal of redefining the car industry and creating a joyful experience for our clients.