Short Term

Due to the car sales and rental industries having unprecedented low supply right now, purchasing vehicles is more difficult and expensive than it’s been in decades.  (The same thing is happening in housing, raw materials, labor, etc.!)
While we don’t love doing this, we don’t have any options as we too, are running out of opportunities to buy vehicles and have already booked almost all of our cars for leases later this summer.
Therefore our new furlough monthly lease rates for this summer will be:
-mid-size sedan: $850/month with a 3 month commitment (paid upfront), or $995/month for under 3 months 
-minivans: $1,750/month with a 3 month commitment (paid upfront), or $1,995/month for under 3 months 

Current industry rates for sedans are $1,250-1,750/month and a minivan is $ 2,500-3,000 per month, so we’re working hard to be well below typical rental rates.
We understand if this increase is not feasible for your travel needs and are hoping that the prices of vehicles come back down to where we can do this more affordably soon!

Additional Leasing Information:

  • All leases are unlimited mileage
  • Any necessary repair due to mechanical failure is responsibility of
  • Vehicles can be delivered to and picked up from Richmond, IN (1400 E Main St) or Indianapolis, IN (1236 E 16th St) for no charge. Delivery to and pickup from any major city airport is available for $0.75/mile from Richmond, IN.
  • Customer is required to provide their own insurance
  • Regular maintenance items are responsibility of lessee. This includes oil and filter changes every 3,000 miles and brakes and tires if vehicle is driven 9,000 miles or more.
  • Incidental occurrences are the responsibility of lessee (accident damage, flat tire, cracked windshield, etc.)

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