As we begin to phase out of summer and into the autumn, we thought it fitting to share a story of transition that friend and client of MATS Mike Rebholz has to share in his ministry with Cru. Mike has been coming to MATS over the years for vehicles for his family and ministry, and we’d like to take the opportunity to share more about the work of Cru and the Rebholz family journey. We hope that you are encouraged!

For what has been 23 years now, Mike began working with Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) in their high school ministry. Cru’s purpose is to help fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others. Mike’s dream of serving in ministry began early on and was of speaking and singing at church camps and retreats. God opened doors for him to be involved with Campus Crusade for Christ during his years at Bradley University while he studied music education. His work within the organization gained footing as he assisted in video editing and sound engineering for the high school ministry and eventually morphed into more administrative work. With a desire for more face-to-face interaction with people, Mike moved within Cru to Keynote in Indianapolis where he served as a sound tech for a band. During this time he also met his wife Leslie, and began to take on some human resources responsibilities as well.

This transition from music to more closely dealing with and relating to staff within Cru turned into a position as the Director of Leadership Development and Human Resources Services with Athletes in Action (AIA). Under the umbrella of Cru, AIA is an international sports organization focused on equipping athletes, coaches and sport-minded individuals to grow in their relationship with Jesus and invest their lives into others. Mike’s role was to coach new missionaries, oversee policy procedure and implementation, assist in staff care, and intervene in crisis situations. It was during these six years that Mike was able to more fully experience the gifts that he had been entrusted:

“It’s a unique opportunity for me as someone who has an aptitude for policies and procedures but to be driven by caring for the individual to be in this position. I want to make life-on-life differences in people’s lives, and right now God has that for me in these human resource care roles.”

From the beginning of his time with AIA, Mike has recently transitioned into a position at the Cru corporate headquarters where he serves in US Staff Care – a segment of human resources.

Cru encompasses many different outlets and ministries by which the Gospel is expressed and shared. Mike has found his niche in being able to use the gifts that God has given him and his family to minister to those that are working to expand this Good News. When asked what the most meaningful part of his work is, Mike responded, “On people’s darkest day, I get to point them to Jesus.” Part of his role often deals with balancing the individuals that make up the organization and the organization itself. It is a delicate, yet very important balance of holistic ministry.

With the ever-changing nature of our world and society, it is encouraging to hear stories like Mike’s. His words of encouragement to those of you reading that are also serving in ministry is this:

“I’d like to encourage those that are in ministry to never be afraid to be vulnerable about where God has you. Live in the context of community – in the light. God has plans for each one of us and he chooses to use us. The more we can be in right relationship with Him, the greater the propensity there is to fulfill the Great Commission.”

If you’d like to learn more about the work and ministry of Cru, check them out! You’ll find more information about Athletes in Action here as well. (They cover such a broad spectrum of ministries, and it’s amazing!) For those of you that might be interested in content related to spiritual growth, take a look here for resources! If you’re feeling like you want to assist in helping Cru continue its mission, consider donating – there are a variety of ways to help out! Most of all, we hope that you were encouraged by Mike’s journey of coming alongside folks to minister to them as they minister to others.

It’s always our pleasure to feature our client’s ministries and the important work that they engage!