4 Winter tips to keep you safe and out of the cold.

Tires – Check your tire pressure regularly. Driving with low tire pressure will reduce the life of your tires. Cold winter weather causes tires to lose pressure. Also check your tread depth for safety and consider winter tires.

Battery – Don’t get stuck in the cold because your battery doesn’t have enough cold cranking amps to start your car. Take your car to your local parts store to get your battery tested or ask during your next oil change.

Engine – Do you park your car outdoors? Driving with a warm engine is good for your warmth and the engine as well. Start and run your vehicle for 5-10 minutes before you head off.

Visibility – Visibility is a big deal for safety but it’s annoying to deal with when you park outdoors. Consider a really nice ice scraper or for extra protection grab a frost guard. See our top pics below.

Frost guard from Amazon.

Ice scraper from Amazon.