The folks at Tinker Coffee are the epitome of what you’d call an expert. They source coffees from all over the world to their roastery in Indianapolis then use heat, air, and motion to roast the green coffee into brewable beans. They’ve learned about the countries where the coffees originate and they know about the plants which grow the beans they roast. They test temperatures, mineral levels, and extraction of brewed coffees using refraction of light. Yeah, don’t worry, all of this is way over our heads too. But, we do know that we love drinking the coffee they roast.

Tinker Coffee knows 100x more about coffee than any average joe; joes like us. But, one thing they aren’t experts in is car buying. That’s where we come in. As Tinker grew larger in size and began roasting more coffee, they realized a need for good transportation to deliver all of their delicious coffee. The bulk of the business is wholesaling 12 oz and 5 lb bags of beans to offices, churches, and cafes all over Indianapolis as well as around the great state of Indiana. They brought us their need for something big enough to haul all this coffee around, but zippy enough to move about the city efficiently.

So then, the Tinker transit became. On any given day you’ll see the T-star logo’d van bouncing around the city of Indianapolis. The beans they leave with their customers will be made into thousands of cups of coffee and will end up in all types of people’s hands… including ours. We’re surely glad the folks at Tinker are experts in roasting coffee because the results are always flavorsome. We’re also glad they trusted us to find them the right car for a very important job.

Buying a car can be as complex as roasting coffee and going at both without an expert could leave you with some unfortunate results. While the internet has lots of info, it’s not expert in car buying. Most car dealers are great salesmen, but unfortunately most aren’t experts in buying cars either. We’ve got 40 years of experience in the business and we assure you… we are experts. We’ll leave the coffee roasting to Tinker and we’ll stick to what we do best and make it the easiest way for you to buy the right car. Let’s stay in touch!

Check out this quick video we put together to get a peek into Tinker’s roastery and to see the transit in action.